Braun BNC014BK-RC Clock

Braun Clock

I’ve been on a bit of a purchase frenzy as of late. Earlier this year I upgraded my bedroom furniture. I bought a new desk, new chair and new stainless steel drawer. I wanted something nice for the desk to add to the elegant look and feel. I have been using a pedometer for the past two years, and this sits on my desk and tells me the temperature (I love knowing the weather & temperature).

I went searching for a nice desk clock and temperature unit. I came across the Braun BNC014BK-RC and I thought it looked stunning from the outset. I wasn’t wrong. Sitting on my desk as I write this, it looks very pretty. I picked it up on eBay for about £80 + £15 shipping. Yes. Expensive.

The large form factor means it can be mounted on the wall and easily viewed from a distance (not so sure about the smaller digits though, being date/temperature/humidity). I opted to display it on my desk and this is done by a stand that lifts out from the back of the clock. There is no back light, however I haven’t been in a situation where I couldn’t see the time, regardless of lighting conditions. The clock runs off two AA batteries, so a back light would probably limit the battery life quite significantly.

The only thing which is sort-of annoying is that the colon between the hh and mm constantly blinks, a solid colon would be preferred as it seems to catch my attention every now and again. The clock is radio controlled (otherwise known as atomic) however Australia does not run any form of time radio control frequency, so I had to set everything manually. Overall, it’s a simple but effective touch. No issues with the clock as of yet, but for heavens sake, it’s a clock…. So I sure hope there wouldn’t be.

Braun Clock Braun Clock
Written on August 23, 2013