Dell U2713HM 27″ 2560×1440 AH-IPS Monitors

So, as previously posted, I went online and purchased three new Dell advanced high performance panels for my setup. How do I describe these monitors…? Wow. Just wow. These are by far the best monitors I have ever used. I won’t go into depth about every feature of the monitor, this is just a quick overview of my experience thus far.


The look of these units is extremely elegant and sexy. The stand is extremely neat, not overly bulky and it is just an overall fresh piece of hardware with a professional look.

The panel

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Dell calibrates this particular monitor at the factory to ensure 99% sRGB compliance. It really is noticeable. Compared to the Korean monitors by Kogan, this monitor is night and day.

From the moment you turn the monitor on, you are almost right to go without any further configuration. Colours in games are so vivid, vibrant and accurate. I am able to see into dark spots of the games that I wasn’t able to with my old 22″ and Kogan 27″ monitors (I put this down to hardware calibration and the AH-IPS panel). Text is so crisp and clear, it’s just incredible. Luckily, none of the three monitors have dead or stuck pixels. There will always be back light bleed on IPS panels, thankfully there is minimal back light bleed on these three particular displays.


I feel this needs its own mention. I am extremely happy with the OSD and buttons. Unlike other monitors that I have used, the OSD controls are on the front of the monitor. There is nothing worse than sticking your fingers underneath the monitor and trying to figure out which buttons map to particular functions. Activating the OSD is achieved by the press of any button, when this is done, you know what buttons to press to navigate the menus (as the buttons are side by side the OSD).


It seems like Dell has thought of almost everything with this monitor. I am so glad that I gave up the Kogan monitors for these, regardless that I spent a little more money ―the premium panel and support is SO worth it. If you want a very high quality monitor, this is the way to go. I would personally wait for the 30% sale otherwise expect to pay $799 AUD, which is a huge price point!

Dell U2713HM

Dell U2713HM

Dell U2713HM

Dell U2713HM

Written on September 19, 2013