Kogan monitors are no longer

I feel I should drop in here. The other week I lodged a Kogan return and decided to give back the two 27″ 2560×1440 monitors. Thankfully, Kogan have a 14-day money back guarantee.

I decided that I am going to purchase the Dell U2713HM when it is on a 30% sale. The extra couple hundred dollars is well worth the factory calibrated panel, premium exchange/support and wide customer base that it serves.

As I type this, the more expensive, ‘PremierColor’ model (U2713H) is on sale from A$949 to A$664. I was tempted to purchase three of these displays, but the largest complaint of this monitor is that the focus on Adobe RGB means the sRGB colours are inaccurate and/or over saturated.

Adobe RGB is primarily used by photo/video editors and this is where this monitor really shines. Every day use like web browsing and gaming relies on sRGB and this support is sub par with this model. As a result, I will not purchase the U2713H but instead, the less expensive U2713HM, as it will ultimately give me better results.

I will post a review once I receive the monitors. The Kogan review is still available on my blog for those looking at purchasing one. Once again, there is nothing marginally wrong with the Kogan monitors, I just wanted to go for a more premium monitor with exceptional support, instead of a cheaper Korean panel.

Written on September 12, 2013