New Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard

So yesterday I received my new Das Model S Professional (Cherry MX Red) keyboard.

The Cherry MX Red switch is a newer, more quiet model available by Das. I read great reviews and decided to go ahead and purchase one.

This is my first ever mechanical keyboard and I have to say that I love it.

I have always been a fan of silent/quiet keyboards, however a beautiful mechanical style keyboard actually makes you want to type loud, and it sounds brilliant.

I was using a cheapo Logitech K120 after rage-swapping from my old Razer Lycosa. The keyboard is significantly heavier and much more spaced out than the K120. As a result, my typing speed has not improved yet as I am still adjusting to the space differentiation between the two keyboards. I expect this to be a quick process and typing speed should definitely increase soon. I can pull 96 words per minute as it currently stands (which is actually a small improvement over the K120).

I picked it up for $185 AUD including shipping. I can easily say it was well worth it considering the keyboard is one of the most important peripherals on a computer.

Das Keyboard WSAD

Written on August 8, 2013