Samsung 840 EVO 750gb

Samsung 840 EVO SSD

So the other week I placed an order for the brand spanking new SSD from Samsung. The Evolution range is a fresh new line of current generation consumer SSD’s.

The most notable feature of these SSD’s is the introduction of up to one terabyte (1TB) in capacity. I decided to opt for the 750gb version as I already have a media NAS and I actually utilise very little storage on my main PC. When my system is upgraded, however, there will be large games installed, something that isn’t the case on my outdated PC. With the large capacity drive, I can install these games directly onto the SSD.

YouTube Test - Samsung 740 EVO

Benchmark without rapid mode (left) and benchmark WITH rapid mode enabled (right). Screenshot from

As you can see. This incredible SSD can fully utilise SATA 6GB/s bandwidth thresholds. The SSD will push over 1000MB/s read/writes with rapid mode enabled. The rapid mode can be enabled by installing the Samsung Magician software and this will make use of the computers RAM to cache. My aged computer will only support SATA 3GB/s and thus cannot make full use of the SSD’s performance (yet!). I have performed a benchmark of non-rapid mode and rapid-mode.

Samsung 740 EVO - SATA3 without rapid Samsung 740 EVO - SATA3 with rapid
SATA 3GB/s WITHOUT rapid mode SATA 3GB/s WITH rapid mode

As you can see, rapid mode does help a lot. It enables me to receive similar speeds as if I was running SATA 6GB/s. Also, it is important to note that if you are currently running an old HDD and are upgrading to an SSD, always fresh install Windows as opposed to cloning. Windows 8 in particular will do a lot of background work with detecting and enabling SSD-specific underlying settings. These include disabling defrag capabilities and so forth. All in all, very happy. I can’t wait until I upgrade to a SATA 6GB/s motherboard so that I can truly let her rip.

PS – for those wondering, I purchased the drive from Shopping Express while they had an EVO introductory offer. The drive sold for $579 and the RRP is $620-ish.

Written on September 11, 2013