VendorGear headrest for Herman Miller Aeron

I have owned the Aeron for a good few months now. It is a great chair in itself, the only thing that was missing was a nice stylish headrest.

Luckily, VendorGear manufacture a third party headrest that fits perfectly onto the Aeron, you can’t even tell it’s not proprietary.

The headrest itself is mounted to the back of the chair using an allen key to secure it. There are a plethora of adjustment options available to customise it to your optimal sitting position, including up & down, forward & backward and tilt up/tilt down. The headrest can be tilted up or down very easily while you are sitting in the chair, great for when you change your sitting position, angle or height.

All in all, great little accessory. It adds to the aesthetics and enjoyment of the chair. It is a little costly though, coming in at $150USD. I ended up paying just over $200AUD with shipping and currency conversion. Given that you’re sitting in a $1200 chair, I guess they can comfortably get away with charging that much for a head rest.

Paying using eBay (in comparison to Amazon) turned out a little cheaper with shipping. At the time of writing, it appears the eBay listing has expired or they ran out of stock, because it is no longer listed. Also – if you are purchasing from overseas using PayPal with a credit card, always choose the bank currency conversion option instead of PayPal’s conversion, you’ll save some dollars, less your banks currency conversion fee.

VendorGear Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron

Written on September 18, 2013